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An amazing barbershop

Marcello Barber

We are New in Long Island City, We will provide Brand New Cuts. The good style, variation and efficiency is what needed for men who need quality haircuts.

Men in New York like to look perfect but they don’t have too much time to spare. we like to stand out with our super service, cleanest environment that give you the look that you are looking for.

Whether you work in the area, here on a business trip or visiting as a tourist, in our shop you will have the versatile, stylish, polished and cleanest look.



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Amazing services

Marcello Barber Shop is an amazing barbershop located in the Long Island City, NY

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Hair cutting specialist for regular haircut, Haircut plus shampoo


Classic shave, Royal shave, Hot Towel, Hot Lather, Straight Razor etc.


Long Haircut, Hairline Design and many other type of styling.


Hot Soap & Straight Razor Beard Trim, Trim with machine.

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meet our artists

Marcello is an amazing barbershop located in the heart of the Long Island City, We have experienced artist to fulfill your needs.

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Hairsylist and Colorist

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OUR OPENING TIME : 10:00 AM  Every Day
We are closing Monday
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Our Products

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